Markdown Calendar

Are you somebody who likes the latest and greatest apps for productivity? Perhaps this is not for you.

I didn’t really like the calendar apps in iPhone or Android — I have certain requirements which those apps don’t satisfy.

Up till now, I’ve been using a printed paper calendar and a pen, but I figured it was time to upgrade to a (only slightly) less kludgy solution. So I made my own calendar system.

Markdown Calendar

It has the following features:

  • Your calendar is stored as one plain markdown document which is completely readable like an agenda
  • You can keep that document anywhere you want, and it’s fully version-controllable
  • It also works as a to-do list, and can handle recurring events
  • It can be easily turned into HTML, but it could be extended into other forms (e.g. a CLI calendar or an phone app)

I wrote this script to generate the HTML calendar. Features:

  • Shows all events up-front, without having to click on the day
  • Fully customizable appearance via a CSS file
  • It also cleans up and organizes the markdown “agenda” file

You can find the code for this on my Github.